Provisioning for the BVI Charterer



Food in the BVI is a bit more expensive than most places in the U.S., but availability and variety are not the problems that many think or assume. Fresh produce and quality meat and fish are readily available. Beer, wine, and spirits are inexpensive. The two main companies are One Mart and Riteway. They actively provide the charter industry with full service, including online pre-ordering, free delivery, charter packages, and very comprehensive web sites.


The Biggies...

Click on the logos below to see these business's web sites for product lists and to order online.

OneMart Superstore is a large supermarket with a huge range of products, and reportedly some of the best pricing of any of the larger food markets. They also have a reputation of high quality meat at very competitive prices. July, 2011 note ~~ I received a very nice letter from Alberto Ovalles, the guy incharge of provisioning for chanterers. He states that the quality is now better than ever, but more importantly, they are striving for unparalleled customer service. Prompt email communication, service within 24 hours, pick you up from any anchorage on Tortola, and take you to the OneMart Supermarket; let you do your shopping, then take you back to your boat - FOR FREE! Sounds like they're really making the effort -- give them a shot !

Locations (both Road Town): Waterfront Dr.- Purcell area (Main branch), Huntums Ghut (new store)

used to be considered the competitively priced, but is now seems considerably more expensive than One Mart (above). Their stores vary in size and style, and are known for good quality meats and produce. They even have some specialty stores (listed below). Their main store in Road Town, but they have many locations, which can prove convenient. "Cash & Carry" (now called "Mega Value") next door is good for bulk items and alcohol.

Tortola Locations: Five stores - (1) Pasea Estate - Main store (Road Town); (2) Road Reef Plaza & Marina (next to TMM); (3) Flemming St. (Road Town); (4) "Ritebreeze" at Seabreeze Marina, (East End); (5) Fine Foods (East End). -- They also own Harbour Market at West End and the Cash Carry Wholesale, listed below. New in January, 2015 - a small store at Nanny Cay Marina. (replaces Bobby's Market).

Other Provisioning Sources On Tortola

Web Site

Family Food Bakery

Wow !

Facebook page

This is a fantastic shop offering a huge selection of baked goods, made daily from scratch (including artisan breads), ready made meals, and custom goods (e.g. birthday cake). They have a tiny attached cafe, and make deliveries, as well. They serve a large and loyal public, as well as provisioning charter boats. The 2nd location (below) will feature a new 32 seat cafe and a food hall for local and regional artisan producers. A unique and wonderful place - check it out ! They're famous for our sausage rolls !

Location: (1) Wickhams Cay II - opposite the Sunsail entrance to the Moorings; (2) A new location at the "Fireproof Building", Main St., across from the Methodist church. (open in Oct. 2014)

Ms. Penguin

This is a catering outfit for charterers and folks in rented villas offering their "heat & eat gourmet meals." They enthusiastically claim that "these are not just frozen TV dinners, they are Gourmet Meals, frozen for your convenience." You pre-order online and free delivery is available, if several days in advance.

Location: Road Town

BVI Fishing Complex

no website


BVI Fishing Complex is considered to be the best source of fresh, local seafood. They also sell fishing supplies. Open weekdays, and half day Saturday.

Location: Baughers Bay, Road Town (next to Port Purcell)

Sailor's Ketch

This is a great source for frozen and prepared seafood. Some of the seafood is local from folks on Anegada, and other products are brought in from around the world. They will deliver free to your charterboat, as well. Check out their web site. It will make the seafood lover's heart sing.

Location: Penn's Landing, East End

Road Town Wholesale
Cash & Carry
no specific website, but see Riteway at

Located beside the flagship Riteway and owned by them is their Cash and Carry wholesale outlet. This is a good place for stocking up on bulk items like drinks. booze, dry goods, and large purchases.

Location: Pasea Estate, Road Town

Tico Importing Co.


This is another discount/bulk outlet, popular to charterers for buying alcohol and other drink items. Tico allows pre-order online and free delivery.

Location: Wickham's Cay 2, Road Town

Caribbean Cellars


This is a wholesale and retail outlet for liquor, beer, and wine,offering free delivery to boats and villas. (Preferred by many for bulk buying of all liquid rereshment.)

Location: (new 2012 location) Lower Estate Rd., Roadtown - near Fedex office

Good Moon Farm
Organic farm

Facebook page

(284) 542-0586

Their aim is to grow a steady supply of high quality local organic produce, primarily for the marine industry, from bare boats to the super yachts and the villa renters - they also provide for many local restaurants, resorts, and families. Products like spinach, lettuce, arugula, mixed greens, pumpkins, tomatoes, scallions, and beans herbs & teas - as well as fruits such as mangos, pau pau, passion fruit and bananas (especially their rare red bananas). A special rarity for the BVI - check them out !
Kmark's Gourmet Grocery

part of OneMart group


This is another choice offering a fine selection for provisioning charterers, especially known for specialty items not typically found in many supermarkets.

Location: Port Purcell, Road Town

Port Purcell Market
no website


This is a favorite grocery market to some because of its friendly, family run atmosphere.

Location: Port Purcell, Road Town

Harbour Market

Owned by Riteway, this store varied product line, with fresh baked goods, frozen goods, a good deli section, and a substantial wine selection.

Location: Soper's Hole, West End

Fine Foods
no specific website, but see Riteway at

Owned by Riteway, this store offers a large and varied selection of fresh & frozen produce, kitchen staples, liquor and more.

Location: Long Look, East End

Trellis Bay Market


A popular, little market handy to the airport, folks anchored at Trellis Bay, and those wanting to provision before grabbing the North Sound Express (ferry) to Virgin Gorda..

Location: Trellis Bay, Beef Island

Supa Valu Ltd.
no website


A popular market known for their fresh and frozen meats and seafood. They also sell some produce and dry goods.

Location: Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town

Cane Garden Bay Seafood Suprette
no website


This is a good source for fresh, local seafood as well as a range of groceries, fresh bread, and spirits.

Location: Cane Garden Bay

MAPS... Are you not sure where some of these locations like Wickham's Cay 2 and the Pasea Estate are?

Click HERE to see a map of Tortola, or Click HERE to see a map of Road Town. To enlage the maps, hold the control key and use the roller wheel on your mouse.


A few thoughts about provisioning ahead of time... A good combination approach to provisioning at the outset of your charter is to pre-order (and have delivered to your boat) the "large and easy stuff" like beer, soda, water, canned goods, condiments, etc. Then, on your day of departure, while part of your crew is being debriefed on the boat, someone can go pick out the things that one prefers to see before buying (meats, produce, wine, gourmet items, etc.). This system is highly preferred, by most charterers, over ordering provisions through your charter company - they add a fee, and you never get to see what you're getting ahead of time. Don't over-buy perishables on your first day. You'll find plenty of shops during charter on other islands, as shown below.

Also, many people are not sure how much they want to eat on the boat, versus ashore. A popular approach is to provision for eating breakfast and lunch on the boat, and then, eat dinners ashore. I am usually not funded for quite that much land food, so my budget-conscious version is to have drinks and our own h'or douvres, while relaxing at anchorage, watching the sunset develop. Then, we go ashore, and get a smattering of local foods to pick at, while we have more drinks, and hopefully, listen to some music. Each to his/her own.

A third issue is about bringing food from home. There is a large range of opinions out there on this. I know people who bring coolers of frozen meat, entrees, sauces, etc. Personally, I think this is a lot of hassle to endure, just to save a few bucks, and enjoy your foods from home. It's especially annoying if you are flying into STT, and ferrying over to Tortola, versus flying directly to Tortola. That being said, most everyone I know does bring a selection of things that they prefer from home. Spices, real ground peanut butter, a preferred cereal, a favorite brand of coffee or tea, etc. I do all of the above, including whole wheat flat bread for making roll-up sandwiches (wraps) - they make the best sandwiches for carrying around a boat, while eating. :)

It is recommended that you contact your credit card company in advance, so there won't be any hold up when the purchase is processed for your delivery. Credit Card companies sometimes create delays, because an overseas phone order is considered "suspicious." Tell them the dates of your entire BVI visit, as well. Also, make sure that when you use a credit card in the BVI, the business is not adding a significant fee. Furthermore, just about all credit card companies now add an "foreign transaction fee" Capital One and AMEX are cards that do not add this little insult.


Provisioning On the Other Islands

Web Site

Road Town Wholesale

(Gorda branch)

no specific website, but see Riteway at

284 495-5228

Wholesale pricing on a range of food and drink products. This is an important resource for mid-charter provisioning, located on the road to The Baths.
Supa Valu Ltd.

no website


This is a popular market known for their fresh and frozen meats and seafood, as well as veggies. They also sell some produce and dry goods. (in The Valley)

Buck's Food Market

284-495-5423 (VGYH)

This is a small grocery store with a broad range of products, with locations at the Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town (aka The Valley) and a small store at Gunn Creek (North Sound). Buck's Wholesale Market, located just outside Spanish Town, is a good source for bulk buys.

Rosy's Enterprises

Rosy's Supermarket

Rosy's House & Home

(284) 495 6765 / Supermarket
(284) 495 5245 / Supermarket
(284) 495 5972 / House & Home

This is considered to be one of the most worthy provisioning stops on Gorda. -- Spanish Town (The Valley). There is a supermarket, as well as a "department store" for household needs.
The Chefs Pantry
no website


This pretty upscale market is definitely worth a look, with its wide selection of gourmet items - including fresh seafood, specialty meats and cheeses, fresh baked breads and pastries, coffees, fine wines and spirits. The produce is less reliable. This is part of Leverick Bay Resort & Marina .
Penn's Fresh Seafood Market
no website


This is a source for fresh seafood in Spanish Town.
Bitter End Resort Emporium
(284) 494-2746
They offer a decent selection of packaged liquor, drinks, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat & fish for the grill, as well as frozen items. This is the only waterfront grocery on Virgin gorda, the nearest market being 3 miles away.
Rudy's Superette
no website


Jost Van Dyke
A small superette in Great Harbour.
Christine's Bakery

no website
TripAdvisor page


Jost Van Dyke
This is a good stop for fresh baked goods to eat for a pleasant breakfast, or to take back to the boat. (Great Harbour). Inventory fluctuates a bit.
Nature's Basket
no website


Jost Van Dyke
This is a good source for fresh vegetables and locally grown, fresh fruit. (Great Harbour)
Pam's Kitchen

Re-opened in 2010 :)
no website

(monitors Channel 16)

Located by Neptune's Treasure, this was one of the better sources for baked goods in the BVI. She also sold homemade jams, chutneys, salsas and hot sauces. At 5:30 in the evening, she'd dinghy out to the yachts on anchorage with baked goods for sale. She also does great boxed lunches for taking along on a trip to the beaches on the other side of the island.
Neptune's Treasure
This is really a restaurant and fabulous guest house, but most of the significant BVI fishing comes out of here, so it's worth checking for seafood availability, if you're "in the neighborhood."
Faulkner's Country Store
no website
This is a small country store with a modest selection of dry goods. There are a few other very small grocers in the "settlement," so you may have to look around to find what you need.
Other Sources on Anegada
* There's a decent little market just outside the gate to
Anegada Reef Hotel - name unknown.
* Sue's Purple Turtle (limited)
* Anegada Reef Hotel (limited)
These locations could come in handy in a pinch.

* Note: In virtually every settlement, near every charter base, and at every anchorage, there is at least one small "superette" for some basic provisions. I have tried to give you some of the best known sources for provisioning used by BVI charterers, but there is always a place nearby to get a carton of milk or a bottle of rum.

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