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Road Town

The first three sites on this page will probably help you find any road, bay, bluff, or landmark you are looking for in the BVI.


(\_ ~~ Click on the logos below to view these websites ~~_/) has what are considered to be the standard BVI road maps for visitors of the main islands in the BVI, as well as one of Road Town. These maps show detailed roads, bays, points of interest, etc. You can easily view them online, or purchase hard copies. However, when you arrive in the BVI, you will find copies of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board road map almost anywhere you look.

Skyviews has some of the clearest and most detailed online maps of the main islands in the BVI. They show roads, bays, and various points of interest, geographical and otherwise. These maps will educate even the most inveterate BVI traveler. The link to the left takes you to a map menu page. After you select a specific island click "Full Screen" to see the entire map. The site is awkard in places, but worth a visit for the maps.


Bareboats BVI, a very good informational site for BVI sailors and visitors, has a very comprehensive and unique set of hand-drawn online maps showing points of interest not found elsewhere. For example, there's a map showing 23 restaurants in the Road Harbour area of Road Town, as well as maps of the smaller islands that no one else has. This is a great little resource for locating everything from campgrounds and dive shops, to moorings buoys and beaches.


BVI Vacations web site has made a comeback, and sports a pretty decent map section. It's hard to say which of the map selections on this page are best. They all have different strengths. These are worth checking out.


Click map to enlarge.

Note: There is no usable, online version. This must be purchased, and viewed in hand, but for $6.95, it's an obvious bargain.
Franko's Maps has produced this one-of-a-kind map showing every notable scuba and snorkeling site in the BVI. This is not just for the diver - it's a must for any BVI visitor. It includes main boating routes, land features, dive shops, 100+ fish and coral ID pictures, anchorages, and much more.

The BVI Dive Association, and numerous other experts and locals, helped edit Franko’s Map to make it the most accurate and useful resource of its kind.

This 25.5" x 17" map is foldable, and printed on waterproof, rip-proof, plasticized paper, for durable use on your BVI adventure.

Go to the Sales page on this Web site to purchase at discount (only $6.95).

Go to the publisher's Web site to see more details about this map.

This Map of the entire Caribbean region and Central America provides a very broad, illuminating overview, as well as some clarifying details. Use the ZOOM feature in Adobe Acrobat to move in on an area you want to see in detail. Windows will zoom by holding the control key while you use the roller on your mouse. This map really gives you a perspective on the region. Don't forget to go to "Full Screen" view under your "View" menu in Internet Explorer. (or F11 command)


Google Maps -- now gives some pretty amazing aerial shots, in satellite view. Zoom in (using Map View, as well) for a great, detailed understanding of the region.


(Click the lighthouse to be illuminated.)

Those geography terms of the Caribbean islands... It's taken for granted, yet it's damned confusing - at least it is for me! So here's a brief, organized explanation so that you will never again be confused by "Lesser Antilles" versus the "Greater Antilles," or, the "Leeward Islands" versus the "Windward Islands." Now you can fake it with the best of them.

Clicking the logo will take you directly to the BVI selections, but definitely take the time to check out your home cruising grounds. is a real favorite of mine. Nothing short of amazing, really. It will show you aerial photographs of marinas, inlets, anchorages, bridges, landmarks, waterside restaurants, and more from all over the world. These photos are high-resolution and zoomable. Once you choose a photo, there are usually numerous views to select from in the far right frame. Some regions really have extensive photographs, that could actually help you plan a cruise.

I have two suggestions for use. Use the "Advanced Search" function to find things quickly. When you get to an index of photos in the center frame, it is sometimes best to use the technique of "right click, open new window" so that you don't lose that index page, when you choose a marina to view. Otherwise, it's sometimes hard to go back to it directly, and you have to redo your search.

Aerials Only at has tens of thousands of truly gorgeous aerial photos from all over the U.S. and the Caribbean. The link to the left takes you to the Virgin Islands Gallery. It takes awhile to load, but man is it ever worth it! They're fun to view online, but you can purchase 3000 dpi photos suitable for framing.

Click to search terms "BVI sailing" well, what can ya say. There are hundreds of uploads on sailing and the BVI, from the amateur to the professional. Virtually everything is here. Diving the wreck of the Rhone or Chikuzen, touring Gorda's baths, sailing rough seas to Anegada, family fun ashore, Foxy's Bar, full moon parties at Bomba's & Trellis Bay, regattas and festivals, beaches & beach bars, marinas, etc. If you're aching for the BVI, a little Youtube cruising could be the cure for your DIF (Dreaded Island Fever). Search the terms, "British Virgin Islands" for hundreds of videos. Or try "BVI sailing" in YouTube or a Google video search. Finally, it goes without saying, that there are hundreds of videos showing sailing from all over the world.
The Live Ships Map by is an unusal and amazing resource. It will show where all ships and large yachts are in the region that you decide to zoom into. This is a handy way to find out where the cruise ships are, so you can avoid them. You can even click & see a photo and specs of each vessels. You can also consult this BVI cruise ship calendar to help you in you cruise ship avoidance strategy.. Check this out -- it's pretty cool. Furthermore, if you are into ships, explore this site further. There are thousands of photos of ships, ports of call, and more.

Webcams are becoming more & more popular. (Let me know if you find others.)
Webcams in "the Islands" are notoriously unreliable, so if a link isn't working check back another time. The top 7 links are the most active.


* Cane Garden Bay Anchorage - Cane Garden Bay, Tortola (from Lighthouse Villas)

* Nanny Cay Marina - Main Webcam page (several)

* Leverick Bay - North Sound, Virgin Gorda - also here

* Saba Rock - North Sound, Virgin Gorda. Zoom & scan!

* Pusser's webcams - FIVE cams at Road Town & Marina Cay

* Cooper Island - Quart-A-Nancy Point

* Cooper Island underwater seagrass cam - LIVE ACTION ! (not stills)

* Cooper Island underwater reef cam - LIVE ACTION ! (not stills)



* Foxy's FoxCam - Jost Van Dyke

"Sophisticated Lady" - a boat-cam on a fantastic charter sailing yacht w/ the incomparable Capt. Rick

* Soggy Dollar Bar - Jost Van Dyke

* Heritage Inn - Carrot Bay view from Heritage Inn - not currently operational

* De Anegada Webcam - Cow Wreck Beach Bar, courtesy of BVI Pirate, a terrific Anegada site

* Pirate's Bight Beach & Bar Cams - Norman Island - LIVE ACTION ! (not stills) - not currently operational, but worth watching for a resurrection


~~~~ USVI Webcams ~~~~

* Cruz Bay Webcam - Cruz Bay ferry dock, St. John - shot from St. John Spice

* From Skyridge Villa - from Upper Carolina looking at BVI (live)

* St. John Traveler - seven St. John webcams

* St. Thomas Harbour

* Yacht Haven Grande Marina - St. Thomas

* Magens Bay - St. Thomas

* Mountain Top Cam - St. Thomas has a variety of info, but it is the best resource for BVI boat navigation on the Web. Charts, distances, waypoints... Walker Mangum has really put some time into this resource. Check it out! He is clearly "de mon," when it comes to Anegada.

Also, Walker has plotted the sailing distances for courses throughout the BVI. Click here to see the chart.


(aka )


"Virtual Tours" of The BVI

ImagineUs has a over 60 great "BVI Panoramas."’s virtual 360 degrees BVI virtual photo tours are pretty cool. Click on their interactive maps to see the sights. It's almost like being there looking around. The link to the left takes you right to the BVI tour.



Latest Cruising Guides, "Drinking & Eating Guide to the BVI", and much more... all at great discount.

Essential books, maps, etc. to buy before you go. These are a must! Click the book picture to read about them. We've also got lots of other BVI goodies. And, now you can purchase them at discounted prices on this site.



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