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The books and other items currently for sale on this page are being offered at modest markup with nominal shipping charges as a friendly gesture to my fellow BVI lovers. (I buy them in bulk to give to my charterers.)

Welcome TTOL members and other lovers of the British Virgin Islands!

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Important NOTE ~ some new cruising guides become available after November (alternating years).
I ALWAYS sell the CURRENT editions of any guide.

~~~ Updated February, 2020 ~~~

New Product - Danik Hook

An incredibly innovative product that elimnates the need to tie a knot. Fast, slip-proof, and indestructible.It is made of a non-corrosive resin-thermoplastic It is great for boating, docks, camping, securing or tying down a rope for any reason. The line slides freely through the passage when the Danik Hook lever is pushed down, but is held firmly in place when released. Great for buoys, dinghys, and various small craft. The quick-release design easily adjusts your rope length or tension. Best used for 3/8 or 5/8 inch ropes, intended to comfortably hold 500 lbs. of pull.

Special price - $18.95
(suggested retail $26.95)


Stainless model image only to show functionality of the Danik design. The heavy duty stainless model is available from other retailers for about $49.00.



"The Drinking & Eating Guide to the BVI"
4th edition
by: Julian Putley

Well... how do I describe it? It's all about having a great time with food and drink throughout the BVI. It's full of recipes, limericks, cartoons, and humorous anecdotes, as well as being a great guide to wonderful restaurants and watering holes. This fourth edition has $200+ worth of freebees that will pay for the cost many times over, so you absolutely can't lose. 2-4 "refreshment stops" will cover the cost of the book. I know charter groups where every one of the crew all get a copy, just to use the coupons. This book is incredibly popular, even to moderate drinkers. Written by Julian Putley, a local BVI author, and a great guy.

Special price - $14.95
(now higher suggested retail $16.95)




Thornton is not publishing aBVI calendar for 2020.

BVI Calendar

by Dougal Thornton




(spiral bound - with heavily coated paper)


This book is a perfect companion to the Franko Map below.

"The Guide to Diving & Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands"

2nd edition ~ released Jan. 2010
b written by: Jeff Williams
artwork by: Ria O'Hagen

ISBN 978-976-8204-44-B

This diving and snorkeling volume is the master guide to the underwater world of the BVI ! Jeff Williams has "lived" this world for decades, and has produced the ultimate reference.
BVI scuba diver should possess this book, which gives a thorough account, including maps, diagrams,and detailed directions, to safely & enjoyably explore 77 sites throughout the BVI. Because information like depth, currents, and other site features are clearly described in each briefing, scuba divers and snorkelers are clear about which areas of a given site are best for them. This is the real thing!

This book is easy reading, almost conversational in tone, at times -- yet, it's a very serious reference book. It's not riddled with pretty fish photos to fill space. It is jammed packed with important information, along with detailed site maps, at the turn of every page. (I sell useful fish & coral ID products below, for those who want them.)

Finally, I must commend the author for the construction of this book. It is sturdily, spiral bound for laying flat or folding on the cockpit table. The pages are heavily coated, thick paper stock for standing up to the rigors of travel.

Since snorkeling & diving are integral parts of cruising the BVI, this guide deserves its rightful place next to your cruising guides, maps, and charts.


Our special price - $23.95 !!
(suggested retail $29.95)


New, Improved version 2009

over 2 x 1.5 feet in size

26" x 18"
Click map to enlarge.

Note: There is no usable, online version. This must be purchased, and viewed in hand, but for $6.95, it's an obvious bargain.

Franko's BVI Map
This is my best selling item ~ It makes a fantastic gift for fellow crew and travelling companions !

Franko's Maps has produced this one-of-a-kind map showing every notable scuba and snorkeling site in the BVI. This is not just for the diver - it's a must for any BVI visitor, especially for the price. It includes main boating routes, land features, dive shops, 100+ fish and coral ID pictures, anchorages, and much more.

For $6.95 - it's an absolute must for every BVI charterer and land vacationer. It really is a useful tool and keepsake for this and trips to come. Folks use it before, during, and after their trip. The map makes the perfect gift for crew or travelling companions.

The BVI Dive Association, and numerous other experts and locals, helped edit Franko’s Map to make it the most accurate and useful resource of its kind.

This 26" x 18" map is foldable, and printed on waterproof, rip-proof, plasticized paper, for durable use on your BVI adventure.

Special price - $6.95
(suggested retail $9.00)

If ordered alone, the map will ship for $1.00. With a book order, there's no extra shipping.

** You can read a very detailed description on the publisher's website.


Cruising Guides for the BVI & USVI
These are the essential cruising guides to the BVI & USVI. Virtually no one cruises without these books and map. They'll prove immensely useful, in fact, necessary, in charting your courses and planning your anchorages. The main guide includes a decent 27" x 18" nautical chart (2-sided). Many folks add the Guide to Diving & Snorkeling book (above) to make the ultimate cruisers bundle. Because there is lots of good ashore info too, many land vacationers love having these reousrces.

Cruising Guide to the
Virgin Islands
(18th edition)

by: Nancy & Simon Scott
Cruising Guide Publications, Inc.


This is the new "Post Irma" edition. They are saying, "Because of the fluid nature of the recovery, we are now changing our format to a yearly (instead of bi-annual) publication in order to keep our readers updated on developments and to support local businesses who have struggled to remain afloat during the recovery process. "

Includes a FREE color 17" x 27" planning nautical chart, covering the British & US Virgin Islands from St. Thomas to Anegada. The enclosed chart, as well as the charts and photos have a new cleaner look.
I think this book is also the best BVI guide for land-based visitors, as well !

The next scheduled renewal is 2019.

Our special low price is $29.95
(new suggested retail raised to $35.95)

2017-18 (previous edition)
Cruising Guide to the
Virgin Islands
(17th edition)

only $10.00 !


I have leftover inventory of the previous edition of the Virgin Islands Cruising Guide. Sure, it's a little out of date, but for $10.00, it might be a great item for you or a fellow traveler.

I have always said this is a great book for land based visitors - most of that content is still totally appropriate.

These books are new, sealed, and include the 17" x 27" chart./map


"Virgin Anchorages"
by Nancy & Simon Scott
Cruising Guide Publications, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-944428-84-9

This is a wonderful companion to the cruising guide to the left, with its terrific aerial photographs of many of the anchorages you're likely to frequent in the British & US Virgin Islands. Chart your courses with confidence. Both books are inexpensive and great volumes to have as "keepsakes", after the trip, as well.

Our Special price $22.95
(suggested retail $29.95)



Click for larger image.
(2012 is still current edition, as of Jan. 2020)

The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South
10th Ed., 2012

Author's site with more information:

This is the 10th, most current, and possibly final edition of the popular directions for sailing south to the Bahamas and the Caribbean

Passages South offers an illustrated manual of instruction for specific passages and harbors down islands, as well as cruising guides for the Greater Antilles islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico.

Special price - $24.95
(suggested retail $29.95)


Some of these previous editions available at deep discount

2018 Atlantic ICW Guide

(previous edition)

The absolutely essential guide features over 400 pages of mile-by-mile navigation information, aerial photography with marked routes, marina listings and locater charts, anchorage information, and expanded "going ashore" articles on ports along the way. Helpful cruising data like GPS waypoints, detailed planning maps, weather station maps, distance tables, bridge tables and tide tables help get cruisers there safely. Flexible spiral binding and heavy laminated covers with bookmarker flaps ensure durability and easy use in the cockpit and at the helm.

For everyone who has ever thought about doing this, this book is boater's entertainment.

only $10.00

Our special low price is $39.95
(higher suggested retail - $44.95)





2012 Cruising Guide: Trinidad and Tobago
... plus Barbados & Guyana

(2012 is still current edition, as of Jan. 2020)

The guide offers comprehensive information on a wide variety of facilities, ranging from marinas to haul-out yards and marine repair services. Additionally, Doyle and his associates provide information about shore side activities including dining, resorts, bird watching and shopping. This edition contains many color photographs and is packed with updated information on navigation and sketch charts with GPS coordinates.

Other features include sections on planning the cruise, weather, star charts, scuba diving and snorkeling, customs and immigration, communications, sightseeing and a directory of services including email and website addresses.

As with all Doyle guides, this guide is is backed by this website that offers downloadable GPS waypoints and updates, as well as general information and links to local businesses for Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

Special price - $14.95
(suggested retail $27.95)



Guides for Windward and Leeward Islands.

Some of these previous editions available at deep discount.

2017-18 Sailor's Guide to the

Windward Islands

Cruising Guide Publications, Inc.

Our special low price is $26.95
(suggested retail $34.95)

The best guide out there - thiscovers the islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
The Windward Anchorages aerial guide, to the far right, makes an unbeatable combination with the Windward Cruising Guide above.






Some of these previous editions available at deep discount

The Leeward Islands cruising guide has now nbeen separated into the two separate volumes below,
at $22.95 each:

2016-17 Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands
Northern edition: Anguilla - Montserrat


2016-17 Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands
Southern edition: Antigua to Dominica

Cruising Guide Publications, Inc.
Our special low price is $22.95
(NEW suggested retail $29.95)


The Leeward Anchorages aerial guide, to the right, makes an unbeatable combination with the Leewards Cruising Guide above.


Fantastic Companion Guides

FANTASTIC companion guides for the two books to the left. These have wonderful aerial photographs (and guidance text) for most any of the anchorages you'll visit in the Windward and Leeward Islands.

"Windward Anchorages"
Our Special price $19.95

(suggested retail $29.95)

"Leeward Anchorages"
Our Special price $19.95

(suggested retail $29.95)


Resources for St. John in the USVI

Since I love St. John so much, I had to include a few items for this truly magical island.

Click to enlarge
25 1/2" x 37 3/4"

The "St. John Virgin Islands National Park Trail Map" is the most comprehensive recreational and topographical map for Virgin Islands National Park. It shows all of the hiking trails and coral reefs on St. John, complete with full descriptions and directions.

One of the primary reasons BVI sailors go to St. John is to walk the absolutely beautiful trails on this magical island. -- heavily coated to be waterproof & tear resistant.

4 1/4" x 9 1/4" folded
25 1/2" x 37 3/4" fully opened

Special price - $9.95
(suggested retail $11.95)


The Best Book on St. John in print !

"St. John - Off The Beaten Track"

I don't do too much heavy recommending, but if you are going to spend more than a day on St. John, this book is an absolute must! Nearly 300 pages packed with information about: hiking trails, snorkeling sites, historical & topographical info, the people & culture, flora & fauna --- virtually everything. There are so many tourist books where 3/4 of the information is either obvious or not particularly useful. This resource is what every visitor's guide should be - Period ! No one is ever disappointed with this book.

Our Special price $16.95
(suggested retail $19.95)



Franko's Guide Map

of the US Virgin Islands

26.75" x 18.5"

Click map to enlarge

This is a virtual guide book printed in map form, making it a truly remarkable reference. Included are: roads, extensive dive & snorkeling sites, anchorages, historical sites, hiking trails, natural formations, a fish guide, detailed town insets for Cruz Bay, Coral Bay, Charlotte Amalie, Christiansted, and Frederiksted. The combination of this guide map and the book, "St. John - Off The Beaten Track" (shown to the left), provides a comprehensive resource for a stay on St. John, one of the true gems of the British & US Virgin Islands.

Special price - $6.95
(suggested retail $9.00)


~ Also for St. John & the BVI -- see the fish ID products, immediately below ~

fish & coral ID

"Corals & Fishes Pocket Guide"
for the Bahamas & the Caribbean
by Idaz & Jerry Greenberg
ISBN 091300829X

This is the fully waterproof edition. It measures 4.5 x 6" and contains 64 pages packed with great pictures and information - 260 species of coral and fish.. I personally think that this book is an essential companion to any BVI snorkeler. It's big enough to read very easily, but small enough to stick in your pocket and take with you. Its waterproof paper makes it safe to leave it lying around the boat, or taking to the beach. Take it ashore and look at it with your kids and friends to talk over lunch about what you just saw on your last dive.

Special price $9.95

(List price: $14.95)

If ordered alone, this book will ship for $1.00.

~~ not to scale ~~
9 1/2" X 6 1/4"

"Laminated Fishcard"
from Seahawk Press
Special price $5.95

This is NOT a book. It's a waterproof, laminated fish ID card. This is popular two-sided guide shows 75 species of the most beautiful and commonly seen fishes of the Tropical Atlantic, arranged by family. This is totally waterproof. In fact, you can take it into the water, and carry it ashore.
9 1/2" X 6 1/4"

Franko's 4" x 6" Small, 2 sided
Laminated Fish card

Truly pocket size - $3.95

click to enlarge

If ordered alone, large cards will ship for $1.00. With a book order, there's no extra shipping.
Pocket card shipping is FREE.

click to enlarge

"Franko's Virgin Islands Fishcard & Divers Guide"
Special price $5.95

This is an alternative laminated fish ID card. This two-sided, waterproof card is 9" X 6". The map surely doesn't take the place of Franko's diving map at the top of this page, but it's a handy, rugged item and tool, and a great keepsake that makes a gift to crew members.

St. Martin version of 9 x 6 card

If ordered alone, the cards will ship for $1.00. With a book order, there's no extra shipping.

~ Currently out of production ~


This is one of the handiest fish ID products around. The 2” by 3” books have 40 pages (80 photos) which are bound with cable ties (easy to replace if one ever broke) to a colorful coil strap which fits anyone’s wrist. The books are printed on a great, new plastic paper so they can be worn right into the water where the fish are.

A fantastic gift idea for family and crew.
Kids love 'em.

Special price $11.95
(suggested retail $14.00)

Note: Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this seems to have halted production. I am hoping it will return to the market, but as of
Jan. 1, 2014, I cannot procure this product.
Sad, but true - it was a fun item.

2” by 3” - 40 pages (80 photos)



And for Bahamas cruising...

Some of these previous editions available at deep discount.

2018 Bahamas Waterway Guide
Our special low price is $39.95
(suggested retail $44.95)

The Waterway Guide’s 2017 Bahamas edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Guide features nearly 400 pages of mile-by-mile navigation information, aerial photography with marked routes, marina listings and locater charts, anchorage information and Yellow Pages sections on what to do ashore. Helpful cruising data like GPS waypoints, detailed planning maps and distance tables helps get you there safely. Flexible spiral binding and heavy laminated covers with bookmarker flaps ensure durability and easy use in the cockpit and at the helm.


Some of these previous editions available at deep discount

2018 Cruising Guide to the Abaco Bahamas
by Steve Dodge
Our special low price is $24.95
(NEW suggested retail $29.95)

The 2017 Dodge Guide to Abaco is the only annually updated cruising guide to Abaco and includes 81 updated navigational charts and marina maps, as well as 90 color aerial phots and satellite in the book. The accurate easy-to-read color charts are based on original hydrographic research and 40 years of local knowledge, and they are the only charts which show locations of submerged power lines and do not anchor zones; in the central part of Abaco. The book also includes recent color aerial photographs of all principal harbours, GPS waypoints, tide tables for 2016, detailed snorkeling/diving charts, up-dated business directories for Abaco, and great fishing info.



Abaco Ports of Call
Our special low price is $19.95
(suggested retail $25.95)

The many ports of call in Abaco, the Bahamas, are featured in valuable aerial photography of anchoarges and informative text in this new book. Beginning at the northern most point of Abaco and following this island chain south, dozens of destinations and anchorages are depicted both for the cruising boater and for the vacationer.
This is the perfect companion for the Cruising Guide to the Abaco Bahamas, by Dodge, shown above.


click to enlarge

"Franko's Mini Map & Reef Creatures Bahamas Guide"


This two-sided, waterproof card is 9" X 6". This mini map is a handy, rugged item and tool, and a great keepsake that makes a gift to crew members.

only $4.95



Pocket Traveller Guides

Click to see guide unfolded (one side)
"Caribbean Birds"
(A Pocket Traveller Guide)
This reference guide is a wonderful resource for beginners and experts alike. It illustrates and describes nearly 150 birds for clear identification, including water birds, near shore birds, parrots, perching birds, birds of prey, and more.
At $5.95, it should be part of every island visitor's collection.

This 8 1/2" high guide unfolds to 22", and conveniently back to 4" wide, for easy pocket storage. It is heavily laminated for durability and protection against the elements.



(A Pocket Traveller Guide)

A beginners primer to weather - clouds, storms, weather patterns, and more. Same durable construction as bird and star guides to the right.










$5.95 each

"The Southern Night Sky"
(A Pocket Traveller Guide)

This is a chart to prominent stars and southern constellations (winter and summer skies) optimally viewed from between latitudes of 15 and 25 degrees south, but folks like to get this for the Caribbean since some southern constellations are visible, from the islands. This glows in the dark, so finding the Southern Cross "for the first time," shouldn't be too hard.

"The Night Sky"
(A Pocket Traveller Guide)

This is a chart to prominent stars and northern constellations (winter and summer skies), optimally viewed from between latitudes of 23 and 45 degrees north, so it errs in the other direction from the Southern Sky above. The problem with the BVI is exemplified in the fact that you can see both the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross from these latitudes!

So.. which one do you get? Most folks get the Southern version, because they are hoping for a glimpse of some things they've never seen - Southern Cross, Jewel Box, Southern Pleiades, Canopus, Centaurus, etc.. Some people get both, to cover all possibilities. Furthermore, the northern version is quite useful back home.


These two guides and the ones to the left measure 8 1/2" high, and unfold to 22", and conveniently back to 4" wide, for easy pocket storage. They are heavily laminated for durability and protection against the elements.












"British Virgin Islands - Sheltered Isles of Sea and Sun"
by: Claudia Colli
ISBN 1405028629

This book, printed in a coated, water resistant paper, covers a little bit on everything. It's a lively and informative guide, replete with many color photographs, which takes a look at the islands' history, culture, geography, flora and fauna, and its people. It explains how visitors can enjoy many leisure activities such as sailing, diving and hiking - from national parks to beaches, from wildlife to arts and crafts, the visitor will find all the information needed to make the most of a trip to the BVI. Claudia Colli is a well-known British Virgin Islands writer, and editor of the BVI Welcome Tourist Guide.

Our price is $8.95- Special Promo
(suggested retail $16.95)







Borch Maps
Color road and travel maps

  • US & British Virgin Islands
  • Bahamas

These maps have a heavy, but soft lamination for durability against water & sun. Its write-on/wipe-off surface allows you to make notes and markings for your trip.

In addition to roads, the map includes sights, museums, churches, archaeological sites, castles, ruins, windmills, towers, caves, beaches, yachting, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hospitals, golf courses, parking, petrol stations, airports, national parks, national monuments, nature reserves, camping sites, viewpoints, hotels, markets, cliffs, reefs, and more...

US & British Virgin Islands
Borch Map

Click to see guide unfolded (one side)
($10.95 list price)

opens up to 35" x 19.5"

~~ Out of stock at this time ~~

Borch Map

Click to see guide unfolded (one side)
($10.95 list price)
opens up to 39" x 19.5"

"The British Virgin Islands" is a stunning photographic portrait by the accomplished photographer, Steve Simonsen, published by 34 Main Street Publishers.

New in 2009, this is the quintessential photographic essay on the BVI. The anchorages, the sailboats, the beaches, the towns, the people, with all of their natural beauty, are artistically presented in this beautiful, 128 page "coffee table" book. This is a truly beautiful keepsake, as well as great gift for your BVI-loving friends.

This volume is the only one of its kind, in print! I know of no other photo books dedicated to the BVI. Although a couple retailers in the US sell this book, 99% of the copies are sold in stores in the BVI (for a the full $39.95 list price).

"The British Virgin Islands"
Photography by: Steve Simonsen

Our special low price - $31.95
(suggested retail $39.95)



Some Miscellaneous Items...


Caribbean Sea Wall Map
18" x 27"

click to enlarge

This is a beautiful map of the Caribbean Sea region that displays the island chains and surrounding countries in such a way that is rarely seen on one map. Although this is folded, it flattens nicely to hang on the wall, or lay on a table top for viewing. For those of us who love the Caribbean, this is a great map for getting a perspective on the entire region. The back side is the same map, but with caption boxes of historical text for most countries and island chains. Although it is more of a novelty/gift item (not cruising map), it is made of a durable, waterproof, synthetic paper.

Special price - $6.95
(suggested retail $8.00)



"Franko's Caribbean Sea Fishcard & Mini-Map"
Special price $5.95

This is an alternative laminated fish ID card. This two-sided, waterproof card is 9" X 6". The Caribbean Sea mapon the back side is an unusual, condensed view of the entire sea, show the various island chains.The fish ID side is a handy, rugged item and tool, and a great keepsake that makes a gift to crew members.


As of January 12, 2018 - I am SOLD OUT of 2018 calendars.

2018 BVI Calendar
by Dougal Thornton

Personal Note: I think this is the best calendar from Mr. Throton in several years. I really don't like it when a month's photo is something like a "pretty tropical flower" that could be anywhere in the region. This issue has lots of great location shots.

Special price - $14.95
(suggested retail $15.95)
Limited quantity available



BVI Flag Items

Click on the flag to see pictures of all of the flag-related products.

BVI Stick Flag (4" x 6") - $3.95
This flag is a great BVI reminder on your desk (or anywhere).

Patch (2.5" x 2.75" shield) - $3.00
Patch (2.25" x 3.5" rectangular) - $3.00
You have a choice of a rectangular or shield style patch. It's a heavy cloth patch, perfect for jackets, sweatshirts, etc.

Color sticker (2.25"x4" reflective decal) - $3.00
This color sticker is great for a car window, door panel, or any other surface.

Lapel or hat pin (metal/enamel) - $3.00
This neat little pin is great on a lapel, hat, collar, etc.

Yacht Ensign nautical flag (18" x 12") - $19.50 (Cool for your boat at home!)
(It's nylon with heavy duck headings and grommets for the marine environment. This is the standard civil ensign for sea vessels. Ensigns have a red background instead of the blue background shown on the flag.

Large BVI flag (3' x 5') - $11.50
This thing is BIG. 3 feet-by-5 feet - Ultra-Knit Polyester with cotton heading and brass grommets. I included this just for fun. Hang it at a TTOL gathering or a cruiser's picnic. A great wall hanging, too. I figured it was inexpensive enough to use for fun and deference to our beloved BVI.

Jolly Roger PIRATE flags
* 12" x 18" "nautical" burgee - $12.50 - This is double thickness, 2-sided nylon with heavy duck headings and grommets for the marine environment.
* 3' X 5' LARGE "novelty" flag - $11.50 - This is polyester with sturdy heading and grommets.

BVI OVAL auto sticker
$3.25 ea.($2.95 ea. for 3 or more)
Note: This "Euro" auto sticker is a high quality, thermal resin imprint decal on waterproof vinyl, which is scratch resistant - UV stable. (3" x 5" peel back).



More to come...


Payment Terms & Shipping Costs
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You can pay via PayPal, but it must be a transfer from your checking account or existing PayPal funds - NOT credit card. Email me, if you'd like to use PayPal. It's easy - all that you need to give PayPal is my email address. Please let me know if you'd like to use PayPal, and I will include instructions, so as to avoid transaction fees.

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Other approximate mailing costs:

Oval BVI decal shipping: No charge.

Maps, Pocket Traveller Guides, laminated fishcards: $1.00 mailed alone - usually no shipping when mailed with a book order.

Flag-related-products: $2.00 any quantity, $.50 with any book order. If it's just one or two small items like a patch or lapel pin, that I can fit into an chubby envelope, just add $1.00.

Note: Since this is not a big money-making proposition, please make sure your check is good, your mailing address is clear, and I have your email address to confirm shipment. Feel free to confirm a mailed order/check with an email to me.

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