Internet Access In The BVI

The places listed below are collected from various sources. I have not visited all of these locations, so I have relied on the reports of others. If anyone has any corrections or additions, I would greatly appreciate a quick email (HERE) to let me know. I am restricting this list to public access locations. Many resorts, hotels, and villas provide Internet access for their guests. WIFI is probably available in some of the locations below, even though I have not so indicated.

I've included two locations on St. John and one on St. Thomas, in case you're passing through.

** The TMM charter company now has FREE wifi onboard all of their Tortola yachts.I believe that TMM is currently the ONLY company to offer this service in the BVI, but others may have joined suit. The service is unlimited, and offers coverage of approximately 98% of the BVI. Wireless and ethernet connections can be used. Because this is a Mobile Data Network, it is not terribly fast. Typical upload and download speeds will be between 150 and 250 kbps - or roughly, twice the speed of dial up.

NOTE: I apologize that some of these establishments could possibly no longer exist, although most do as of 2014. That being said, WIFI access is available in many places too numerous for me to keep up with.

Tortola Locations
Other Info
"The Pub" (WIFI)
Road Town, near TMM and Road Town Marina
Village Cay Marina Hotel/Bar (WIFI)
Road Town
Caribbean Printing Quick Copy Co.
Road Town, next to Riteway - Wickham's Cay II
Prospect Reef Resort
Road Town, near TMM and Fort Burt
The Caribbean Wave
Road Town, Chalwell St. - downtown
Popeye's Stationery Store and Document Centre
Road Town
Coconut Telegraph (WIFI)
Nanny Cay Marina
The Genaker Cafe (WIFI)
Nanny Cay Marina
CCT Boatphone (BVI Cellular)
Road Town, near Bobby's Market (in lobby)
Public Library
Road Town, Flemming St. (above Riteway)
DataPro (computer store)
Road Town, Flemming St.
Copyright Systems Ltd
Road Town, Wickham's Cay I
The Moorings (lobby, restaurant) (WIFI)
Road Town, Inner Harbour
LIME (AKA Cable and Wireless BVI)
Road Town,Pasea Estate office, near Moorings
"Bits n Pieces"
formerly, "Click On Line"
Road Town, Mill Mall, Wickham's Cay I
Le Grand Cafe (WIFI)
Road Town, Main St.
Internet Cafe (above the Serendipity Book Store) (WIFI)
Road Town, Main St.
Little Harbor - Peter Island (WIFI)
Peter Island (source unknown)

Jeremy's Kitchen (WIFI)
formerly Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe

** Also Anchorage Service

Reaches Trellis, Marina Cay, & Scrub (~$10/24 hours)

Beef Island, near airport
(TTOL discount available!)

Marina Cay (WIFI)
Marina Cay
Beef Island Airport (WIFI)
Beef Island, Trellis Bay

De Loose Mongoose (WIFI)
Last Resort (WIFI)

Beef Island, Trellis Bay
Pussers Restaurant (WIFI)
West End, Soper's Hole
Caribbean Jewelers (aka Samarkand)
West End, Soper's Hole
Pisces Restaurant (WIFI)
West End, Soper's Hole
The Fish 'n Lime Inn (formerly Jolly Roger) (WIFI)
West End, Soper's Hole
Voyage Yacht Charters (WIFI)
West End, Soper's Hole
D’ Best Cup Soper’s Hole (WIFI)
West End, Soper's Hole
Sebastian's Hotel & Restaurant (WIFI)
Little Apple Bay, Tortola
Myett’s Garden and Grille (WIFI)
Cane Garden Bay
Pusser's East End (WIFI) - formerly Fat Hog Bob's
East End, Maya Cove (aka Hodges Creek)
Other Island Locations
Other Info
The Chandlery - Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Dive BVI - Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Spanish Town Marina (WIFI)
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Olde Yard Village (WIFI)
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Bath and Turtle (WIFI)
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town
Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) (WIFI)
North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Saba Rock (WIFI)
North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Fat Virgin Cafe (WIFI)
Biras Creek, Virgin Gorda
Mine Shaft Cafe (WIFI)
Virgin Gorda
Mad Dog Restaurant (WIFI)
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Jost Van Dyke Scuba
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Corsairs Bar & Grill (WIFI)
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Soggy Dollar Bar (WIFI)
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
Christine's Bakery
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Pirates Restaurant (WIFI)
Norman Island
Baughers Bay Marina (WIFI)
Peter Island
Leverick Bay (Coffee Shop & nearby)
- also near Leverick Bay Villa Rental Office (WIFI)
Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda
Mahoe Bay - in and around office (WIFI)
Virgin Gorda
Purple Turtle
Neptune's Treasure (WIFI for hotel guests only)
Anegada Reef Hotel (WIFI)
Other Info


Quiet Mon Pub

St. John - Cruz Bay and Coral Bay

St. John - Cruz Bay

Locations in RED print are known to be multi-service facilites. WIFI locations sometimes have a sit-down computer station as well.


Do you want to use a laptop aboard your charter boat? Check out these companies.

Renport offers a very interesting range of products for the sailor on charter, including their Surf Wireless Modem package. They will configure a modem for your laptop (PCMCIA slot required) for about $155/week, allowing you unlimited Internet access. It's not super fast, but very functional nearly everywhere, including Anegada. They will also rent you a laptop or an array of other toys, er, uh... I mean, equipment. Click on the logo and check 'em out.



Cellular Internet Access is another option.

You can check with your cell company, but sometimes they just don't understand the Caribbean very well. The arrangements are pretty easily made in the BVI, at this point. For more cellular discussion see the "Cell phones" section on my Tips Page. If you have an iPhone or Droid of some kind, this may be enough for you. Many sailors choose this option. More and more people are creating their own hotspots or "MIFI" setups.



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