Sailing Instruction
Do you want to learn to sail? The British Virgin Islands is really the perfect location in the world. Steady trade winds, snug harbors, moderate seas, and a culture that truly welcomes boaters. Why not learn to sail in a tropical paradise and make it the most rewarding vacation you ever had? The American Sailing Association (ASA) and US Sailing set the national standards for instruction. All of the organizations below are affiliated with one or the other.

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Enjoy a charter boat, and learn to sail - a great combo.

Charter companies offer a full range of instructors and boat arrangements. Keep in mind, one can hire a boat and an instructor independently, although these often come from the same source. Some certification courses require the use of a monohull sailboat, but a catamaran can certainly be used in combination with an instructor for any level of instruction. You can arrange a course from the a full line of American Sailing Association (ASA) certification courses.

The Rob Swain Sailing School is a well-respected training facility out of Tortola, offering a full range of ASA courses, as well as customized courses in performance sailing and racing.

Since 1964, Offshore Sailing School has been teaching a broad range of sailing courses from beginning day sailor to advanced racing and cruising (including US Sailing certifications). This link will take you to their Tortola program, although they have schools all over the U.S.


SeaTrek offers marine biology summer camps, summer sailing programs, summer diving programs, or just the all around adventure summer programs for jr. high, high school and college aged students. All of the educational experiences are geared toward adventure, leadership, growth, and fun. No experience is necessary! Live-aboard fantastic sailing vessels, and learn from the highly respected Capt. Monk and his dedicated crew. Programs like these change kids' lives. YouTube video


ActionQuest (est. 1986) offers 3 week live-aboard summer camps for teenagers ages 13 to 19 featuring multilevel watersports training and certification courses in sailing, PADI scuba diving, water sports of all kinds, exploration, and adventure. Programs are available in the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Tahiti and Australia. They also offer a range of academic voyages including 80 and 40 day, credit-bearing semester programs focusing on college level academics, seamanship and personal growth for high school seniors, graduates, and college students.



Sail Caribbean has leading groups of teenagers in their summer programs since 1979. I have never had a friend or family member take the program, but it seems like the ultimate summer camp for kids who eager for an experience like this. I have spoken to the founder, Mike Liese on the phone. He is very accommodating and willing to talk about his program. They will send you a fabulous informational package which includes a video and huge list of student references.

Great YouTube videos that will give you an solid idea of their program.
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Sistership is a school offering sailing programs for women, couples, and families. I only know of this outfit second hand, but they are reputed to offer some pretty serious training. The owner, Captain Pat Nolan, has vast experience in crusiing, racing, and instruction. She has won numerous awards, over the years, for her effective programs. They have a great website -- check it out.

This is NOT a school, but the American Sailing Association (ASA), which sets the standards for sailing schools, instructors and students. Most sailing schools offer ASA Certification as an option. The various levels of certification are recognized credentials around the world.

US Sailing is the National Governing Body (NGB), chosen by Congress, for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing in the United States. US Sailing Certification is the other set national standards for sailing schools, instructors and students (along with ASA above). Click the logo to the left to go right to their education page. You can Click Here to see their site map, You'll soon see how deep this site is.

"SailNet" is an online sailing magazine. The "Articles" section is a fantastic resource for folks learning to sail. There are hundreds of articles, written in a down-to-earth, newbie-friendly style. Definitely check this out. In fact... here's set of links to some of the most popular sailing magazines. Having a subscription to 2 or 3 periodicals is an important part of the learning process.

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