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US Sailing is the National Governing Body (NGB), chosen by Congress, for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing in the United States. The organization is a huge resource, and this site with its deep information and hundreds of links, is really quite incredible. I have purposely linked their logo to take you to their site map, because the site is so deep. If you need convincing, Click here to see resources on their online keelboat course page.

BoatU.S., the standard in boaters advocacy, has it all, really. Most every serious boater has looked to them for towing services, marine insurance, or information of some sort. BoatU.S. is also a serious political group, as well. Click here to check out their "Resource and Reference Center" for very informative articles. Their retail & catalog divisions have been bought out by West Marine, but still operate separately.

Sailing Instruction --- Are you looking for a way to learn to sail, or improve your existing skills? Doing this in the BVI is a great way to go. There are various ways to go about it. Click the pic to the left to go to my page on this alluring subject.

Clicking the logo will take you directly to the BVI selections, but definitely take the time to check out your home cruising grounds. is a real favorite of mine. Nothing short of amazing, really. It will show you aerial photographs of marinas, inlets, anchorages, bridges, landmarks, waterside restaurants, and more from all over the world. These photos are high-resolution and zoomable. Once you choose a photo, there are usually numerous views to select from in the far right frame. Some regions really have extensive photographs, that could actually help you plan a cruise.

I have two suggestion for use. Use the "Advanced Search" function to find things quickly. When you get to an index of photos in the center frame, it is sometimes best to use the technique of "right click, open new window" so that you don't lose that index page, when you choose a marina to view. Otherwise, it's sometimes hard to go back to it directly, and you have to redo your search. is a fabulous resource for anywhere you sail - even lakes. The "Interactive Cruising Guidebook" allows you to interactively move around maps (including satellite view), NOAA charts, where markers, marinas, boat ramps, nautical features, ship stores, etc. are shown. There is way more to the Interactive Cruising Guidebook than meets the eye. For example, you can plot, measure, and save routes. This is really worth playing with, when you have some time.

"Sailnet, The Sailing Source" is an online sailing magazine. The "Articles" section is a fantastic resource for folks learning to sail. There are hundreds of articles, written in a down-to-earth, newbie-friendly style. Definitely check this out.

Weather ! The best links for BVI weather and sailing conditions.

Maptech has a great site for previewing nautical charts online, as well as free downloads for boaters. Clicking the logo to the left will take you to their maps & charts page, but if you want to go right to the BVI chart, click here. Browse and plan, zoom in, zoom out, find waypoints, and more. is the most complete source for on air coverage of sailing. From major regattas throughout the US and Caribbean to sailing destinations, to the sailors, the boats and the sport, covers it all with same day coverage for major events. It's FREE for small screen, and full screen, high resolution service by subscription. Truly FANTASTIC!
 and are partnering on an ambitious project to offer sailing videos of all kinds to cruising, racing, instruction, boat shows, and more. Their FLASH videos work great, but the QuickTime selections seem be a problem, sometimes. There's even a whole series on cruising the BVI! has a huge archive of racing-related videos that work beautifully, even in full screen mode. If only satellite and cable TV has this kind of programming!

Home of the U.S. Coast Guard is a sort of coop marine online community that has amassed a huge listing of links and directories for the world of boating. This web site allows users to add classified ads, news, links, or upcoming events in your area.

Home of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), an organization dedicated to boating safety and education.

Cruiser Log hosts Yacht Position Reports, Sailing home pages and narratives, Crewfinder, M/M Radio Nets, Cruiser Message Board, Cruising Forum, Cruising Classifieds, Boating Books & Links. Contains fascinating narratives by folks on amazing sailing adventures around the world. An interesting insight into the cruising world.

The Mother of All Maritime Links (from John's Nautical Page). This has hundreds of links to everything nautical that one could imagine.

SeaTalk has the most comprehensive list of nautical language I have ever seen. Very educational and fun to read.

Nautical terminology... This is an incredible listing of links to different nautical glossaries, dictionaries, abbreviations, mnemonics, and much more. It's put together by a French outfit, "Termisti", (Center for Terminology Research).

West Marine, the huge marine supply store, is great for ideas, as well as shopping. This link actually takes you right to "The West Advisor," a good resource for everything from repairs to boating know-how and technique. If you have broadband, check out their videos with equipment reviews, knot-tying and more. provides free real-time information to the public, about ship movements and ports, mainly across the coast-lines of many countries around the world. It's quite amazing... zoom into any area to see the vessels currently in those waters. Full descriptions & photos of the ships or mega-yachts are also given. It's truly fascinating.

MAGAZINES - both print and online.



Knots in motion!
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"Grog's Animated Knots" is considered one of the best knot sites on the Web - although, not the most comprehensive. See the other two site on the left, as well.

"Andy's World of Knots" on is nothing short of incredible. It has over 350 animated knots with step-by-step knot tying illustrations. There is also a rare sort of rope and knot glossary available as you go.


* gathers hundreds of animated knots from all over the Web, including the two sites above. The entire "Boats & Watercraft" subcategory of the "Outdoor Recreation" section is chock full of information and resources.

FreeTideTables - a slick sight for tides, display data in various formats. Use the "Search" function to find a specific location. You should type "Virgin Islands" into the search box to get BVI area. They have downloadable (pdf) files to view & print, as well.

Here's a list of descriptions and links to some great Day Sail outfits in the BVI. A day sail is a great way to see the islands a bit, snorkel at a variety of dive sites, and hit a few beaches you would otherwise not get to see. Furthermore, it is a wonderful way to get a feel for whether you may want to do your own week-long sailing charter at some time in the future.




The 2015 BVI Spring Regatta will be held March 30th through April 5th. This famous event has lots of racing and lots of fun. This is the 42nd annual sailing festival and regatta for those who love the sport of sailing in the tropics. It now includes the BVI Windsurfing Championship. This excellent Web site will tell you all about the races and the festivities.

For a broader view of racing throughout the Caribbean, you might also want to visit,, which is an incredible clearing house for racing information in the region (when their site is working...)n. has a variety of info, but it is the best resource for BVI boat navigation on the Web. Charts, distances, waypoints... Walker Mangum has really put some time into this resource. Check it out! He is clearly "de mon," when it comes to Anegada.

Please support this valuable organization.

VISAR is a voluntary organization dedicated to the saving of life at sea. It provides a permanent 24-hour search and rescue service in British Virgin Island's waters. Don't hesitate to make a contribution to this INDISPENSABLE organization.

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Cruising Guides, Maps, "Drinking & Eating Guide to the BVI", and much more...

Essential books, maps, etc. to buy before you go. These are a must! Click the book pictures to read about them. We've also got lots of other BVI goodies. And, now you can purchase them at very low prices on this site.

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