Here are some of the most useful BVI links I could find on the Internet. There is NO paid advertising on my site by any company. I have also purposely omitted sites that primarily determine their information by who is willing to pay to be listed. These very commercial sites are of minimal value because they are so incomplete. My decisions to present links and company names throughout this Web site are based solely on what I feel will give the most meaningful information to the reader. I really believe I have culled out the most useful Web sites on the Internet for your BVI research. Trust me... the first 5 links below will get you almost any information you could want about the BVI. Good luck, and don't hesitate to email questions. I provide this Web site not only as a resource to folks who book charters through me, but because I really love this stuff.

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Clicking on the plane will take you to my web page that contains many hot tips and info for the BVI traveler. This page will be especially helpful if you're new to the BVI. If you bookmark that hot tips page and the BVI Links page you are currently on, you will have all the BVI resources you will need in links and direct information.

The BVI Newbie site is a very promising resource. I say "promising," because it started with a bang in 2013, but I began to notice a lack of effective updating in 2014. This is a very typical problem for BVI sites, I'm afraid. Anyway, this breadth of this resource is impressive, so it's certainly worth watching. Their slogan is "BVI Information, from Immigration to Deportation." Funny, but kind of true.
* Their Facebook page has some interesting stuff, as well.

The B-V-I Guide is a fairly deep, strangely-designed site with lots of information. It contains something on every BVI subject one could imagine, although some info can be outdated.. This site is a pretty good place to start your BVI education because there is tons of info for sailors and landlubbers, alike. This site is a "frames nightmare"! Stay with the "No Frames" option on the home page, that I have preselected.

BVI Welcome On-line is an interactive, electronic magazine based on the British Virgin Islands Welcome Tourist Guide, published in collaboration with the BVI Tourist Board. It is a deeper site than it seems, with a lot of good info for visitors, including an archive of interesting articles about all facets of BVI life.

Maps and More...
This will take you to my Web page containing the best links for BVI maps, aerial photos, virtual tours, videos, Web cams, and more. You'll also get a quick tutorial on Caribbean geographical terms. Are you confused by "Lesser Antilles" versus the "Greater Antilles," or, the "Leeward Islands" versus the "Windward Islands"? You can fake it with the best of them, now.

The Bareboats BVI site is a great informational site, as well as the home of one of the best charterboat brokers for the BVI. For example, one page has a set of very useful maps --- another has a great catalog of every island with valuable information and photos, and more. The owner, Liane Le Tendre, who lives on island, is a wealth of information.

Best of BVI books villas, yacht charters, rental cars, and a variety of services. This is primarily a commercial site, but it offers some very well-organized resource information. For example, their ferry information page is the absolute best of any on the Internet. It gives you schedules, costs, total travel times, route maps, tips, FAQ's, and more. The primary contact, Trudi King, will cheerfully help you through almost any kind of arrangement for your stay in the BVI. You'll feel like a friend helped you with your decisions.

This is an Internet version of The BVI Beacon, a weekly print newspaper since 1984, with a solid dose of local news.

(In print and online)

BVI Platinum News Online has no print edition, but this site, which started in 2004, seems to be working hard to make this work as a community oriented paper and service.

(Online only)

BVI News Online began consistent online news in November 2006, and has been growing ever since to become a pretty comprehensive resource. They have been developing another site called The BVI Employer - .

(Online only)

The ubiquitous Caribbean Compass is a widely read print newspaper that focuses more on the Southern Caribbean, but is still very popular throughout the Virgin Islands. Check out the solid collection of archived stories and articles online, as well as other useful features.

(In print and online)

Click the logo to hear a live broadcast, and visit their Website.

ZBVI Radio 780
is the principal commercial and only "AM" radio station in the British Virgin Islands. ZBVI focuses on world and local news, community activities, sports, land and marine weather forecasts. The listener can enjoy a mix of Adult Contemporary, Religious and Caribbean Music.
(TTOL) is the best forum, where folks ask and answer questions about the BVI. This is very valuable resource! There have been posts, going back years, on virtually every BVI subject imaginable. It also archives a large selection of members' BVI travel journals replete with photos and detailed accounts.

Here's the CIA World Factbook write-up for the BVI, considerably improved from previous years. "Jus' the facts."

(Better yet, check out their Facebook site - see link to the right)

Here is The Official British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Web site This site has the straight scoop, as well as a number of good informational links. It has recently been greatly improved to become an incredibly useful resource!

The Tourist Board's FACEBOOK presence has tons of info.

The Government of the British Virgin Islands
Web site is the best point of entry to all BVI government-related sites. These links offer a fascinating look at this very interesting country. This is also a great link for those wanting to live and work in the BVI.

Whitepages & Yellowpages -- Find a person, business, or government listing.

BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association - Are you thinking of working or doing business in the BVI? The chamber site, as well as the government site immediately above, provide some important information and resources.

Here is the improved site for the FLOW (formerly LIME , BVI Cable & Wireless). This is a good place to start for Mobile phone and broadband communications.

The BVI National Parks Trust currently manages 17 National Parks throughout the islands. These include 15 land parks and one marine park (Wreck of the Rhone). Underwater snorkeling trails (Smuggler's Cove, Long Bay, and Savannah Bay), NPT mooring balls, flora and fauna on the reefs and land, as well as hiking trails and picnic areas are all the concern of the NPT. Unfortunately, their web site frequently has issues. The link to the left goes to the Facebook page..

Here's a list of descriptions and links to some great Day Sail outfits in the BVI. A day sail is a great way to see the islands a bit, snorkel at a variety of dive sites, and hit a few beaches you would otherwise not get to see. Furthermore, it is a wonderful way to get a feel for whether you may want to do your own week-long sailing charter at some time in the future. If you doing a land vacation, this activity is a MUST!

Click the diver to go to a resource page listing BVI SCUBA outfits and other great links for snorkeling and diving in the BVI.

Please support this very valuable organization.

The Association of Reef Keepers is a very important, private organization with a determined mission to protect the coral reefs of the British Virgin Islands.

"ARK works with local organizations, businesses, tourists, and the public to promote the health of the BVI's precious natural resources through education and activism."

The 2017 BVI Spring Regatta will be held March 27th through April 2nd. This famous event has lots of racing and lots of fun. This is the 42nd annual sailing festival and regatta for those who love the sport of sailing in the tropics. It now includes the BVI Windsurfing Championship. This excellent Web site will tell you all about the races and the festivities.
For a broader view of racing throughout the Caribbean, you might also want to visit,, which is an incredible clearing house for racing information in the region (when their site is working...)

The 2017 dates are unknown - usually last week of May.

The BVI Music Festival at Cane Garden Bay Beach, Tortola is an event featuring various genres of music such as Reggae, Calypso, Funji, R & B, Dance Hall, and Jazz from international, regional, and local artists.

The website can be found by clicking the logo on the left, however, they have not updated since 2014. The link to the left is actually to a new artcile, "BVI Music Fest To Make Comeback In 2017." There could be 2017 info on their Facebook page.

Sponsored by the Caribbean Artisan Network

For many years, artisans from throughout the Caribbean will converge on the BVI for this increasingly popular Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival. Last time, 15 different countries participated, bringing over fifty of the most skilled artisans in the region to the BVI.

The festival moves around the BVI -- three days in Trellis Bay, followed by Virgin Gorda, with the final day in Road Town. The 2017 dates were are unknown (usually in March) Click the logo to check their site for updates. BVI web updating is notoriously poor, unfortunately.

Or, try this --

The BVI Festival (Carnival). Also known as the BVI Emancipation Festival, this celebrates emancipation from slavery and the glories of the BVI culture. Great music, food, parades, and an endless array of events and contests make this an experience of a lifetime. The rough Festival dates are around July 25- August 10, according to the BVI Dept.of Culture.
Try the logo on the left to check their site for update.

Their Facebook page is usually pretty current.

Limin' Times
is an event calendar site for the BVI. It tells you where the music and parties are happening, along with sailing races and regattas, as well as community events of interest. This site used to be notoriously out of date, but the new, upgraded web site is now very good. Their print edition has always been extremely useful to BVI sailors and land visitors - Great News !! Now you can download this (as a pdf file) right from their site before you go! The listing of musical venues is very comprehensive in this pdf. If you're concerned about the crowds from visiting cruise ships overrunning the beaches, they have a link to download the monthly schedule - well worth knowing if you are planning to be in Road Town or Cane Garden Bay. The website is often out of date, but you can download the current print copy.

(In print and online)

The link to the left will take you to a pretty good list of BVI events, including Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta, Virgin Gorda Easter Festival, Carrot Bay Donkey Races, and others.

Click the books below for a special deal on these and many other BVI books and fun products

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Some other helpful links

Sailing & Cruising Links

Virgin Islands Weather & Sailing Conditions

What's chartering all about? Read a great explantion & vivid description of what it means to charter in the BVI.

Resource page listing SCUBA outfits & many other great links for snorkeling and diving in the BVI.

The BVI, a tropical paradise!

Sailing Instruction


For lots more hot tips for the BVI sailor, click here.